It is the 35th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1. I felt that it’s a good time to trot out a poem I have written for this occasion (though it does mention BOTH Voyagers). Enjoy.

Taking our first steps away from home

seeing just how far we could roam

men in ships to our nearest neighbor

walking gray valleys on the moon

a most joyful labor.

To other planetary stops

our probes to their surface’s drop

collecting data, photos too

sent back home to little pale blue

for scientist’s perusal and me and you.

This Earth, our world

is a citadel for all we build.

Such as refined metal emissaries

loaded with all we are:

Our memories and music,

even our thoughts encoded on discs

of gold-

messages in every tongue,

as many as they could hold…

You see thirty-five years ago

the human race did show

it had the ability to go

beyond the pale blue dot,

to learn what it is and what its not.

These Voyagers of ours

sent out to distant stars,

each beating with the pulse of the human race

which has finally found its place-

with humility and grace,

In the cosmos.

Voyager 1 passing the great red spot.