I absolutely love the Beatles. I first really heard them (as opposed to listening) when I was 13. After that first heady dose of pure awesome, I was hooked. Over the years I have collected all of their albums, official and unofficial, as well as amassing hundreds of bootlegs of every quality.

One of the things I enjoy least about the Beatles oeuvre is how poorly done the early recordings are. Their earliest and most monumental recordings were captured on two track tape, with no overdubs, and often times mixed down to muddy the sound even more. I decided to try my hand at “restoring” some of these mono (or bad stereo) mixes myself–mostly to see if I could get them to sound a little cleaner.

I Saw Her Standing There is one of my favorite early rockers of theirs, one which stood for some polishing. The result here sounds great on headphones, though I wish I had brought up the guitar a little more.