I hate it when people say they don’t “believe” in evolution, as though evolution was a silly suggestion and not a law of nature. The path that evolution has taken us is to one of being able to comprehend this vast and awesome cosmos without resorting to fairy stories or magic books.

The world is an amazing place where the forces that act upon us can be understood and appreciated.


This lump of cooling rock

pelted with cometary shock,

born in seas of soupy green,

chloroplasts and the golden


Billions of years encourage change,

for this process set in motion

is never ending evolution…


The human race

in a vast cosmos

seemingly out of place

wondering, why are

we here?

Did a god of old place us,

for its benefit, raise us?

Or instead, a world formed

of many things-like beads

slid onto strings,

colors placed at random

evolving into patterns,

like amino acids and

self replication or free

association, decidedly

natural selection.


The arguments will rage eternal,

and the punishments for nonbelievers

infernal for, “God does not play dice,

the world follows his plan, the Lord’s

return is at hand!”

So many blandishments to say

a constant stream of chatter to this day.

Yet we ask for the truth,

we tirelessly search for it on Earth,

we also hear the questions echo across a universe

too vast for a quick reply,

and impatiently wait

whenever we look up and see the sky.

3 thoughts on “Evolving

      1. Thanks a lot for the prompt reply! Oh, and the poetry’s great, by the way. I enjoy the fact that science and reason are being appreciated in poetry. It annihilates the horrible stereotype that one who enjoys such things is dry and boring and uninterested in the literary arts. Keep it up! Not that you need some stranger telling you that.

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