Lives of the Red Suns V


The Big Ones found a way

to create tiny suns of

their own, pocketing fusion

into buildings all along the

coast, pumping excess heat into

the seas. Celebrations abounding

over the endless energy allowing

them to create a new world.

They harvested protein from

vats, they built enormous radio

antennae to see the universe

in different ways, and maybe

even listen to see if other

voices might be calling across

the void.

Escalated discovery led to

artificial moons in the pink sky

and Big Ones in orbit. Their

dreams evolved to desire

going farther, faster.

They searched their entire system,

found nothing so much as

a lonely microbe among the rock

and ice; three gas giants and

sixteen barren, cold moons.

They searched for so long

that they forgot what they

were searching for.

Some still listened to the emptiness

until the world began to age past

recognition. Evolution changed

them beyond need for science, or

philosophy, or history.

The Big Ones weren’t so big now.

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