It Has Become Precious to Me…


I finished this display box for my One Ring from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fame. The box was from Micheal’s, which I got for about three dollars. I stained it a light walnut and painted the area around the glass with gold-leaf paint.

theonering2I lined the bottom of the box with red felt and used a small golden jeweler’s box for the base within the ring sits.

theonering3The writing is Dwarvish runes used to replace English lettering (I don’t speak Dwarf) to say:” THE RING FOUND IN THE DARK”

theonering4The top Elvish script, (again not translated) says “BAGGINS.” Perhaps Bilbo was intending to pass it along as an heirloom to Frodo at the end of his exceptionally long life, and not at a certain birthday party. I don’t know for sure.



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