Its hot and muggy in this brick oven

the gray painted walls tacky from the heat

around the various small tables

sit sweating men in Southern cotton

and Northern wool.

They haggle and argue and face off

about the injustices

that roil all English blood

and come to the point, that

independence from the Crown

is the only option for their colonies.

What verbiage used, whether slavery

should be addressed, what land owner’s rights

play into a declaration

that was the start of America.

Thomas Jefferson up all night drafting the most

important words of his time:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”

And on those parchment pages

a dozen hands align and alter sentences

twist the adverbs and conjunctions,

massage the message to be concise;

perfected and postage paid to King George

an ocean away,

they wait.

Their fate becomes a candle lit,

and the world set aflame by it.

And the end result, so far says history

would be the creation of a mighty nation.

Birthed in Liberty.