This poem was written for my step-son Josh for his 25th birthday:

Hirohito, Emperor Showa goes

and dies, some Eastern gods fail

no matter where the sun rise

sizes up the island chains, and

cold January rains.

To see in time a new reign too

from the USA, with a Vice President

shallowing in the shoals of the

Brave New World- where once stood

an actor, who was of course a run away


But what changes this New Year brings,

and what spinning globe’s grinning

with the beginning of the end of so much

Like the slightest touch of rusted iron

fleeing Afghanistan, where Russian

was once spoken, a token of rubles

in rubble now broken

And spilled across the sound of

Alaska, natures bound to black and

tar; can of beer to the old man who

steers the Exxon Valdez to freeze

the blood of the seas.

So spoken of frozen in the Soviet Union

construction of the Golden Arches near

Lenin’s coffin, the melting Cold War

softens the New World Order

and Americanization across the

battered concrete partitions

falling in Berlin like heavy petals

of late fall flowers frozen in the wind

of history, this mystery

Where in Tiananmen Square

shows the tanks on television

the smear of human fear

splayed out far and near

but for human triumph in one

man standing there

Which brings us closer to now – full circle

in a  Southern California beginning

where is born a baby boy to

a beautiful mother, maybe just

another human being, true.

But that baby boy was you.

Do something with this life

this gift, this magnificent chance

to change the ebb or flow of

time, to make an anchor

of this heavy rhyme

and LIVE! like a new island

just arisen in the stream.

That was then

this is now.