Neil Young falls through a crack

in the asphalt.

It opens wider than a chasm.

Each second he falls, time regresses.

He sees the aperture of God’s eye

experiences 10,000 lifetimes; some human

some not.

He dies and is reborn, ages and dies again.

The infinity throws him up on a street

somewhere in London, England.

Glowing with the accumulated wisdom

of a hundred thousand worlds,

he vibrates through the walls of

a mews house.

There within Judy Garland awaits

somehow sensing  his arrival.

“Judy,” he says “I’ve come to save you.”

With a kiss she is restored to age 21

healthy, rested, needy and greedy

for Neil’s love.

He breaks into song:

Lost on a yellow brick highway,

I needed a guide no matter the cost

and you, you arrived right away.

Gingham skirted glory

with fresh face innocence.

We all knew your story

about your brittleness 

a fallen star

away from home, so far.

Take my arm and see me safe

tell me we’ll find no harm

Oh I know that you miss the farm

My lovely Judy I have such pity

for you on your way

to the Emerald City. 

Finishing the song

Neil merges his consciousness

with hers, becoming pure energy

pulsing in harmonic rhythm.