There are things I do not know.

I do not know why the waves of the sea

brought you to me.

I do not know what you are here for.

Is it for liberation?

Or is it treasure hoards you seek?

I do not know why you stand there

tall and fair

and look upon me, a slave

as if I were royalty.

I do not know why I was a slave,

why I learned all the words I’ve heard.

I do not know all the names of those I

speak to, but I do earn their respect.

I do not have armies at my command

though I command anyway.

Cortes, you have learned.

You have learned that through me

and my gifts

I have brought you

the people and the land.

The temples that run with blood

will tumble.

The God you’ve brought here

sacrificed His son, so we do not

have to sacrifice others.

I do not know as much as

the wise,

the learned.

But what I do, I know.

Nica Ilhuicaapan

Notlatol Acalli 

I am the ocean

my words a ship.