The balloon hangs blazing in the sky

its modern sorcery attracts the eye

like a billboard in a dream

singing praise for the new regime

Regalia like Charlemagne

restored in glory

away from pain

Here arrive the guests

the aristocracy, the Pope

in Notre Dame, bereft of rest

they put their hope

Her stones are weary from change

as the decorators rearrange

and her windows look down

on a sea of silk

and crowds with skin like milk.

Under crown and heavy gown

Napoleon anoints his queen.

Yes Josephine, she’s clean

to her consort’s consternation

But tonight, tonight promises a

luscious consolation of consummation.

His empress resplendent

on the massive bed

her thighs wide open for his head

Napoleon’s favorite game

to force his tongue within her flame

No doubt there is a fire to put out

and once that’s done

his regal scepter will have it’s fun.

Oh, to be the Emperor

So much better than a king!