A few enterprising folks from AIPAC

found the spot where the original manger

Jesus was born in stood

they raised $1.1 billion in capital and

built a Trump Hotel on top of it.

The neon sign on the 50th floor flashes


The capitalists ride the elevator

to the penthouse suites

drink out the minibar

and fuck under the air-conditioning vents

where Mossad cameras record their humping.

Ammo for future manipulations

We were never meant to be an empire.

America too idiosyncratic

too schizophrenic

the 50 little fiefdoms

writhing in freedoms measured out

from brittle-bones holding antique cups

enshrining the Constitution as God-given

like a new gospel written by Christ Himself.

We cant handle a world that’s only meant to

consume us, consume our products

consume our heavens and our hells

you can taste America, but you’ll never be it.

We stole Roman republicanism but didn’t have

the balls to Pax Romana the globe

slap extra stars on that field of blue

spreading citizenship to far-eastern back alleys

holding out passports to the chicken-scratched

“Made in the USA” labels of 7 billion

black, brown, red, and yellow

fellow citizens of planet Earth.