I’ve played these cards close to my chest

anchored my feelings to a one ton weight

and left them sitting at the bottom of the sea.

Chairman Mao once told me “you need your own cult

of personality.”

Picture that, rallying students hoisting

my face printed on huge banners

chanting quotes from my Little Green Book

espousing the ideals of Dick Nixon Thought

and helping to usher in the age of

American Capitalism with Nixonian Characteristics.

All of those little brunettes with tight sweaters

chanting “Nixon! Nixon!”

Goddamn that would be a sight.

To be admired so intensely

to be loved even…

of course its too faggy to imagine wearing a uniform

with bright gold epaulets

and a nice Nehru collar

something those young women would find intriguing.

Maybe I am too old. Maybe I am too arrested in my development

China was a long time ago

and now I am late for dinner.