He raised Lazarus from the dead

called him from the tomb

his sister Mary thought that

the smell would be overpowering.

But out he walked, still bound

in soiled cloth.

No worse for the wear.

“I am the resurrection and the life,” He told her.

He then went home.

Jerusalem rolled out the red carpet

the victory celebration

the entry of a king, but not.

His disciples still not figuring out

that everything was leading up to a point.

How that point could keep going over

their heads, not even God could figure out.

The donkey treads the palm fronds

and the cloaks are collected for washing.

Jesus looks over the crowd

and sees all of humanity.

They are cheering now

but won’t be in a few days’ time.

There is more to come than a supper break

in the attic room among friends.