My brothers and sisters in Christ

I write this letter to the church

in Corinth, telling you to get it


God has ordered peace in the heavens –

the stars and the moon and sun all

roll across the sky as He ordained,

so why not peace in your church?

Remember Peter and Paul

once too had disagreements

but with brotherhood worked them out;

even as they succumbed

to the hatred of our temporal authorities,

they are at peace in heaven.

Remember the promise of the resurrection:

how in everything, even the rising and

setting of the sun, or the birth and death

of the phoenix, we know that the renewal

of our souls is guaranteed.

Cleave to the holy! Cleave to what is holy!

Know this, that nothing is impossible for God

except lying.

Know then that there is only Truth for us

if we reject the strife that men create.

Love unites us to God,

love covers a multitude of sins.

Love nurtures us and protects us.

Let us all be worthy of love.

Let the Lord be a guide, for you are called

on by Him to live in the grace of Christ Jesus.