The island of Patmos wasn’t so bad this time of year

John in his exile set up a little hermitage

Took a walk down to the beach in the afternoons

Spoke to the other exiles

Shared his food and his stories.

“I knew Christ, he loved me as a brother.

He told me that I was to take care of his mother, as though I were.

You know, I have outlived them all – all of the disciples.

Simon Peter was crucified in Rome not too long ago

Thomas has disappeared to India

Trying to convert the Buddhists and the non-pedophile Greeks.

Judas, well, best not to speak of him.

Domitian has sent me here, as you know what I preach is

A constant source of consternation with these Romans.

They tried to boil me alive in oil! Can you imagine?!

I think it cost them more for all that oil, then seeing me live.

Yes, I have been writing. I have had some wonderful discussions

With Jesus. We’ve been working on this apokalypsis, er,

Revelation regarding the future of the church and all the souls

Of this world.

I hope once its finished, it will get some wide-spread publication.

I know copyists are pricy, but I think it’ll really fly off the shelves.”