Of the many forms of art I enjoy, photography is the one most closely associated in my mind with total immediacy. The camera captures the details of a scene instantaneously…providing us with photons frozen in time.

One of my deep interests is developing a way to “restore” color information to black and white imagery for the sake of historical research. Right now the best that I can do is use digital processing to colorize images by layering colors over the original b/w photos. I think that these manipulations bring out elements in these important events/people and help focus the mind’s eye on what the image is telling us through all of the chaos that might swirl through the picture plane.

FDR Giving a fireside chat in the 1930s:

FDR Announcing a state of war with Japan and Germany, 1941:

Frenchman World War II:

Aftermath, Lyndon Johnson’s Swearing In, 1963:

Oswald Takes a Bullet: