“Guns are the crutches of the impotent” -Arthur C. Clarke

I believe, as Arthur C. Clarke did, that guns are crutches for the impotent. Guns are not cool, guns are not some nifty little toy you pull out on the weekend to prove how awesomely manly you are. Guns are weapons. Tools designed to murder and maim. To take the lives of both the evil and the innocent. I feel shame every time someone brags about their gun. Every time some monster shoots up a school, or a mosque, or a movie theater-this nonchalant gun culture is responsible. We stand around slack-jawed at the horror of what a man armed with a gun can do. We shake our heads and ask- why did this happen? What small demon drove this tragedy to the brink?

Guns. The only answer to this insipid line of questioning. Give a moron access to tools of such magnitude, give him anger, give him hatred, give him unlimited bullets from his local Wal-Mart superstore, and he will turn on you like a rabid dog. Emboldened by the fear of his targets- he takes and destroys. It has happened since gunpowder and lead were combined.

It happened when a disgruntled actor put that lead into Lincoln’s head, when Oswald twitched his index finger, Sirhan in a hotel kitchen in Los Angeles 68’…one dead, two dead, 300, 3000000. What does the total matter when the nightmare has grown so large in itself?

Our politicians are cowards who flock to the power of the moneyed elite, the warmongers and their infernal crafts, to the Christians and the survivalists, to the tin-foil hats and the Veterans of wars lost- they can’t stand to lose a few votes. Even when one of their number is brazenly shot in front of the local grocery store would they do anything to stem the tide.

The NRA mix reaches out to grab their long, hard tools. They polish them up real nice, pump them up and prepare to shoot their hot loads. Reptilian brains scrunching up and down in their heads, the gun a handy stand in for a flaccid penis. The almost sexual ritual of the gun excites them to ecstasies both natural and unnatural. They are enemies of state and peace. Perverts in the worst possible way.

I say that I enjoy sex. My penis works fine, my manhood is intact and healthy. I don’t need a gun to simulate or stimulate.

How about you?