Intro to Greatness

The single theme of life is to continue living. Without the desire, without the voracious need for experience and knowledge, life would not be worth living. There have been great people throughout history who lived-lived lives full of vigor, ideals, and hypnotic paroxysms of creativity. Their minds were rich fields where the grains of genius could grow into a mighty harvest…a harvest of the most bountiful kind.

In a way almost too grand to conceive, the collective minds of mankind have gifted us with whole birth creations, some screaming-kicking their way out, others soft tongued lizards slipping ideas quietly into open ears. I embrace the beauty of life, I swim in the boundless ocean of creative endeavor. I sing out in a lofty voice the call of desire:

“We are boundless energies! We are raw materials ready for refinement! We are dreams yet dreamed!”

We suckle greedily at the breast of the mother of invention…

and are still hungry.

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