I have been an “artist” since I could pen to paper. I have dabbled in all the major mediums from oil paints to watercolor. I have found that pen and ink is my favorite. When I show my work to people the most common comment I get is “how do you not make mistakes?” I tell them that the entire drawing is mostly mistakes creatively incorporated into the overall scheme. The drawings here are photos of some of my most recent works, some of them for a book I am writing about the history of computers, others for fun. The low quality of the images is due to my drawings being on very large pieces of paper and having an older camera to capture them with.

The Difference Engine:

The Difference Engine was designed by Charles Babbage as the first programmable computer. There wasn’t an actual unit built until the modern day. I imagine Queen Victoria would have found it “interesting.”

Computers, 1950s:

Big rooms full of big equipment marked computing in the 1950s.

Computing, 1960s:

Discover new world’s of power with desk computing, now with cathode ray displays!


Mankind will seek out new worlds to explore and he will bring tourists with him…


I love theories of “alien” artifacts on the moon and other planetary bodies…not sure if I believe them though.


I have created a whole series of drawings of a fantasy version of Rome running throughout it’s thousands of years of history. I hope to one day put them all together in a timeline style narrative.

Thanks for looking!