Doug Englebart single-handedly invented (along with his amazing development team) the modern world of computers as we understand them, geared for use to non experts and useful for more than just calculating.

In 1968 he demonstrated in front of a live audience his vision of a networked office environment, with hyperlinks, a mouse oriented GUI, and real time teleconferencing “HUD” type picture in picture. Its an astonishing piece of work and truly masterful in painting a picture of what this nascent technology would become. This is my take on the event.



…..Imagine if you will,

a world like this one but


Where the mere fact

of being human will not hold

you back, where knowledge is

an unlimited well of the freshest

water and you incredibly parched.

Imagine shuttling back and forth

in a lane of pure information:

from the palm of your hand

you direct traffic, have no speed

limit, and unchallenged

right of way. The quickest path

won’t be a straight line, but a

network of links and in everything

redundancy; not a word missed or

a picture out of place.

You can turn on a machine in

San Francisco and access it

in Los Angeles. You can see

your coworkers live on a screen

and maneuver the virtual space

with the flick of your wrist.

The only challenge is time,

the only restriction in the will

and imagination of this great


Soon we will have boots

on the moon,

why not a computer in every home?

Why not send me the grocery list

and I’ll check the bank on the way?

When we augment human

intellect what marvelous surprises

will be in store.

What magic will be wrought?



Watch actual video of the real event: