60 Billion worlds fed

under regal red giants.

The dull red glow intolerable

to adapted eyes, like stoked

fires burning white.

The phototropic life

evolved here to accept the

light and nourish and flourish

within its biome.

There are some small self

replicating creatures in the

‘underbrush,’ they have a

need of complex carbohydrate

chains to power their cellular


The clouds above them retain

warmth and small island chains

guard the coast from crashing

swells amongst the tall calcium

stalks of filter-feeders,

where flittering little flyers

of blue and purple splashes

swoop up and out into

the magenta of the sky.

These habitats are wide spread

and the various forms of

life live and die unperturbed

by the big ones on the

continent far across the ocean.


The Big ones that think big thoughts.