“What care the creatures under

the Red Sun for the unknowns

out there?”

-the aged philosopher


Until there were some that asked

questions of the sand on the sea

shore, or observed the stretched

membranes of flying beasts-

Who ground transparent glass

and saw far over the seas

the trading rafts bringing

in their oily catches;

or up close to the endless sand,

witnessing the shapes of

things alive and impossibly


Then looking up at night,

seeing thousands of red and blue

and yellow lights, asking questions

of things so impossibly far away…


Through these questions searching,

finding answers about their place

in this rich universe they had

discovered, so lucky to be the Big Ones

under the Red Sun,

here at the center of all creation,

where stars far pay homage,

and seas swell to gift them.

Until one thinker thought

“what worlds might be around the

lights in the sky, around red ones

like ours?”