1930’s Long Beach, Colorized

I love visualizing cities as they existed during the many decades of their lives. The city of Long Beach has changed dramatically in the years since these original photos were taken. I ‘borrowed’ them from the Los Angeles Public Library’s digital archive.  The photos show a semi-aerial view close to Lincoln Park and the second city hall (the building with the small cupola domes on the corners).

City Hall and South towards the Villa Riviera.
City Hall and South towards the Villa Riviera.
East towards the Ocean Center Building

I have combined the two into a rough panorama by sketching in missing information with a clone tool in Photoshop.

Stitched panorama
Stitched panorama

After this I colorized the image using a special software program to give the image some extra dimensionality.

Tinted panorama
Tinted panorama

And from there I created a digital painting in the style of Edward Hopper.

Digital painting
Digital painting

A fun project done over the course of a couple of hours.

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