The current main library in downtown Long Beach is a dark concrete cave set into the vibrant urban fabric of the city. At one time it was considered a modern marvel and it’s brutalist aesthetic was the height of 20th century design. As part of my dream plan redevelopment of the current civic center I have included a new central library which I have dedicated to Ray Bradbury, a great friend to the city of Long Beach.

The current building is illustrated here (photos from


Dim lighting
Dim lighting

My design is light filled with a focus to embracing the awe inspiring scope of literature and knowledge that the library can provide.

Quote by Ray Bradbury adorns the building
Primary entrance

The building is covered by solar cells and should be able to generate the majority of its daily energy needs through this design. The large wing extension contains the computer and research areas of the library. A half circle that connects to the city hall podium is meant for future expansion.

Looking towards the computer wing
Site overview

The library’s main room is host to a large panoramic window that oversees a large swath of Ocean Boulevard and the surrounding cityscape. The interior is flooded with warm California sun that can be regulated via electronic tinting.

Panoramic view of the city from the main hall
Street arcade
Looking towards the panoramic window

A home for books and the people that read them.