A petty crime committed in the

street echoed loudly in

this oppressive heat.


Here outside the big city, boys in

their teens are targeted

without pity


for the crime of being out

and brown, the empowered

police of this town


are tasked to dispense

justice true and swift,

without suspense.


Mercy lost on hearts like

these, the trigger finger

stops to squeeze-


and dropping dead,

several bullets ripping through

a young man’s head


another black boy lost

who had no need to die,

to pay such a heinous cost.



A stupid crime doesn’t

warrant punishment

rendered in such a torrent;


his red blood in rivulets running

becomes a flood-

and fire consumes a neighborhood


that comes together to ignite

the fury needed to

set things right.


From Florida sand to Missouri dirt,

mothers of murdered children

mourn together, hurt.


And from shore to shore,

all of us, especially the poor,

deserve so much more


As we watch, agape,

at this carnival of

blood and gore.