A film by Christopher Nolan

I was going to write something very detailed and profound about Interstellar immediately after seeing it.

I loved the movie. I loved Matthew McConaughey and his motley crew’s mission to save the human race. I just feel that what I saw wasn’t what I wanted to see. Years of waiting for this film from back when it was a Steven Spielberg project probably set my expectations WAY to high.

Much like the Beatle’s “reunion” singles from the 90s, Interstellar is good film- not a great one.

Here is my flippant review (with spoilers):


Imagine a world so alien that the very clouds are frozen.

Imagine orbiting a singularity and then landing on a planet orbiting it, girdled by endless, enormous waves.

Imagine being able to breach the 5th dimension and communicate across space-time.

Imagine visualizing with stunning accuracy a wormhole within sight of Saturn’s glorious rings.

Imagine the thrill of rushing to dock with an out-of-control, spiraling spaceship seconds before it deorbits into a flaming ball of debris.

Imagine falling into the Event Horizon of a black hole and surviving.

Now imagine a movie where the love of one man for his daughter is far more important than any of those things.

A movie where real science and total fantasy come together to punch Matt Damon in the face; where two highly advanced artificially intelligent robots are more interesting (and show more emotion) than the human actors of whom I assume the movie is about.

A movie where mankind can build giant O’Neill cylinders, fly them into deep space with anti-gravity, only to fill them with rows of corn and farm houses with wooden shingles and plate glass.

A movie that creates an impossible to explain retro-grade time distortion where humans from the far future send a wormhole to the past so that humans from the past can save themselves for the future.

Imagine plot holes so big that Anne Hathaway herself can only soliloquize them away with tears and shrugged shoulders.

Imagine a movie where the spectacle outweighs the promise.

That movie is Interstellar.