Over the Rainbow

The gramophone is playing ‘Over the Rainbow’

Judy Garland is singing, turning from sepia tones

to full spectrum color in the blink of an eye.

The ceiling shakes in syncopation

deep within you can hear the machine guns rattling

bombs cause the needle to skip out of

the finely machined black track of the 78.

Shaking with alien anticipation

Eva takes her time applying her lipstick.

Robin’s Breast Red.

She can see her cheeks blush in the mirror

finally he will marry her, finally make it official.

The record ends. She puts the arm back into position

starts it over again.

The fight may be over, but the battle will be won.

There will be no consummation of course.

He couldn’t, not in this state.

She remembers the first time, the mustache tickling

his clumsy fucking

there won’t be one of those nights tonight.

He’s calling the damn dog, his little pelzige lieben

she’ll get some pets and kisses no doubt.

I wish I would’ve brought the yellow dress

the one with the black polka dots.

After all, this is the event of the season.