probe_FotoSketcherThere was a steady droning in the sky

The horizon dimmed by a vast tower of cloud

orange and red swirled together, flashes of lightning

outlining lumbering sailors in the haze

racing through was a silver pill

heated and glowing

before a strange umbrella unfolded to slow it

and appendages emerged to taste the sea of gas

it was passing so close to those who float

millions of tons of methane languorously consumed

by beasts that had never heard of solid ground

who could never imagine gravity pulling

ponderous flesh down

or how fear could flood their brains over falling

just a few feet from above

they copulate and recreate and exist

in typhoons the size of cities

and pray to moons suspended in endless blue skies

watching them like titanic cat’s eyes

the little silver pill fell forever

and they never saw one again. probe_FotoSketcher