I sat at Jesus’s feet.
Bewildered by the crowd and the heat
But what is there to say?
I could see His face,
hear His words.
“When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”
I am a believer, I have faith.
Can the Lord not hear me pray fervently, for hours in the night
watch me treat my neighbors with respect
and give with delight…
Would my faith in abundance be rewarded without restraint?
But He continued, “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled.”
I am not humble. Within my soul, He knows.
As He speaks I scratch in the dirt with a stick
absently making marks and circles
useless things that will turn to mud in the rain.
Why do I waste my time when the Lord speaks?
Women are bringing over their crying babes
asking for blessings when MEN are crying out
“Give us a place in the Kingdom!”
But He speaks –

“…for to such belongs the Kingdom of God.
Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God
like a child shall not enter it.
Man must be born again.
You must be like a child in his innocence.
Can you understand?
Can any of you understand?”
He shook his head
and I felt fear
and wonder both.