Merry Christmas!

Another year nearly gone, another world left behind us.

For every year that passes is a change of the world; chemically, biologically, socially, spiritually. We often think of how the Earth abides through all of what we go through, that this spinning ball is forever fixed under our feet. But Earth is dynamic. Coastlines change. Mountains erode and fall down. Volcanos build new islands in the seas. From the moment that God called the universe into being and set in motion the evolution of galaxies and suns and worlds, change has been non-stop.

But as this is Christmas, I call all of you to hear the very simple story that doesn’t change – the one all Christians know so well: a young virgin visited by a representative of God and told quite bluntly that she was going to give birth to a savior. How astonishing! She humbly accepts that assignment. Born is Christ Jesus. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas story begins with birth
When God as man was born upon the Earth
Not here to be a king of men, nor warrior
But to shape stone-cold human hearts as mason-quarrier
To embolden us to shun the path of sin and final death
To call on Him, even with our last breath
The Savior come to teach and preach
The one who our souls strain to reach
Hung upon the cross we nailed him to
To shatter the power that evil knew
To die and yet live again?
What marvels! What joy! Amen!
Glory be!
Glory to God in the Highest!
Peace on Earth! How we are blessed!
For Jesus aborning this glorious morning
Is why we celebrate Christmas!