I can take two words and transform them into

flying birds

  or sleeping cats

     or timeless inspiration

language makes it possible to interpolate

within a sentence another sentence

that can change the meaning of a concept

or clarify it

or make it become something new.

Translation can take adelphoi

from brotherhood to siblings to brothers and sisters

depending on context.

Context is king – but is meaning just a consort, a queen?

Can we mean more than what we say if we say it just right?

   Two flying birds

   at home in the sky

   pass over the sleeping cats,

   providing timeless inspiration

   to the writer who watches.

Perhaps this can be translated some other way

where the clear and concise no longer seems so.

Duo volatilia – Two birds

domi in caelo – at home in heaven

transi feles dormientes; pass the sleeping cats

indelebilis providus instinctus- providing indelible insight

ad scriptorem, qui aspicit – to the writer who’s watching

or something to that effect…Latin is hard.