In the beginning God created Earth

for four billion years there wasn’t much here

every once in a while a bacterium made its way

out to the surface, only to be blasted by a

comet or consumed by a volcano.

Life had a very hard time.

When humans came upon the scene

everything was already well-ordered.

God made life and it was GOOD.

We then proceeded to kill and maim and burn

our way through 40,000 years of history.

We killed so much, that we even killed God

(though it didn’t last).

We have darkened the world with our filth.

Now we can rocket off beyond the surface of the Earth

walk on other planets if we desire

but we look back on the blue-green world

hovering there in the blackness

and are completely annihilated by its beauty.

Even the most stone-cold capitalist clod

finds the Earth from space the most incredible

thing he has ever seen.

Surely we must do something to fix what we have damaged.

Repair creation to honor he Lord who did it.

“Let there be light” is a command

because we can no longer abide darkness!