There is a castle deep
where strange creatures sleep
In a forest lost in time
dark, mossy Alpine clime
holds secrets hidden by its host
some ancient noble turned to ghost.


The basement dungeon lined in stones
holds within it moldy bones
with fingers clutching rusted bars
and skulls cracked with ugly scars
which stare into the seeming void
and who’s souls by evil were destroyed.


Flaking paintings crowd the hall
where long-ago began the fall
of he who once had power great
to whom there befell an awful fate;
chained alone in his tallest tower
transformed to beast by unknown power.


She was fair and blessed with grace
the burghers all they knew her face
and gifts were given for just a chance
to hold her hand or lead in dance
but how terrible would be the surprise
if they knew she had three eyes.


He scanned the skies every night
the telescope enhanced his sight
from star to star he searched
upon his his velvet pillow, perched
for something strange and fearsome there
with great black eyes and missing hair.