The open sea was roiling blue

The captain sent the boy for glue

To fill the hole in the lower hull

Gored by a monster’s skull.

They found it there in the dark

The body of a man and face of a shark.


Lost down a meandering road

across a bridge where a river flowed

The couple stood and looked in vain

At a sodden map in the pouring rain.

They found out there a ruined farm

Where things lurked that meant them harm.


The golden idol glimmered bright

attended by priests in the firelight

long silken robes and onion hats

They sat crosslegged on woven mats

Chanting phrases in evil tongues

inhaling drugs into their lungs.


A priest stood by with holywater

As the girl screamed “help me father!”

He watched in shock as she flipped

Naked and backwards into a crypt

He prayed and performed an exorcism

But failed on account of her atheism.


The architect’s plans were carved in stone

ten construction workers went out alone

To finish work on a private estate

With a red brick fence and an iron gate

They found the walls all strangely tainted

as if with blood they had been painted.