The working man learns the score

Things are easier if you know more

For example, give an interesting look

at a devilish grimoire guidebook

In a few months you can be at the top

Just use a spell to give the boss the drop!


An astronaut was out on a lunar patrol

until his rover lurched into a roll

Upside down on the grayish dust

Mission Control radioed that he must

Get up and make his way back to base;

he would’ve, if a rock hadn’t crushed his face.


The art house theater put on a reel

a special film bought as a deal

from a collector who hid his name

(unknown if for privacy or shame)

The audience fled as they had enough

Except one fellow who liked the snuff.


It was 3 am when the sun finally went down

What made it weird was it was only one town

The folks that lived there were all surprised

Even the though it was advertised.

The university said it was an experiment

Done for the research team’s merriment.


The cat made its way into the room

Tail up high, its whiskers like a broom

It padded quickly across the floor

Purring gently as it rubbed against the door

it was never happier than when it had a meal

The neighbor’s baby was quite a steal!