It took three swallows for her to get him down

feet first, then head, then crown

a feat for someone as dainty as she

to enjoy the company of one like he

its not every day in a dragon’s lair

to have access to such royal flavor.


The scientists asked him to visualize a shape

something oblong like a large grape

he struggled to make it appear

because unknown to others it was his greatest fear

to be smothered by something so round

especially that which grew out of the ground.


She appeared to be lost, even the compass was confused

of course it was hard to tell if a magnetic field was used

on a worldlet orbiting so far from the sun

all she could do was wipe her nose, turn around and run

in a direction that wasn’t currently occupied

by a sneeze-induced, massive rockslide.



The conquistador searched for the city of gold

he searched so far and so long that he grew old

and the leaves of jungle trees replaced his eyes

he made a vow to never stop until he got his prize

and so he traveled deep into the hidden lands

dragging his corpse-like body with his ruined hands.


The island was alone in the deep blue Pacific

set up on stone tablets were messages hieroglyphic

carved there a thousand lifetimes ago

by people who worshipped in the afterglow

of two ancient demi-gods who had sex on the beach

and left the inhabitants quite short of speech.